In my previous content, How Important is usually YouTube to Your Fortune High Tech Marketing Business, I discussed YouTube Video Marketing and how many people you can reach through YouTube. Did you know you can get ranked in another of or maybe two of the most notable 10 spots on Google nearly overnight with video marketing? What would an area on the first page of Google’s search results be worth to you?

So how do I do this day after day for whichever niche I elect to get ranked for? Only one thing will allow you to climb the ranks of the almighty Google and that thing is: keyword research. Keyword research may be the study of the words that folks use in search engines to find the information they are looking for. Some words have become general. For instance: “Fortune High Tech Marketing”. tax accountant london As of November 15th, 2009 this keyword returns 816,000 pages.

Now lets take key word research one step further and try “Fortune High Tech Marketing Compensation Plan”. This research returns 25,600 pages. So what we see is that it will be far easier to rank for Fortune High Tech Marketing Compensation Plan than for Fortune High Tech Marketing. Why? Less internet pages to compete against.

But wait! There is a little secret move that the very best earners make to make sure they arrive on Google’s first page. Once you’ve done your keyword research you then need to leverage your video tutorial. What do After all by leverage your video tutorial? Leverage means to duplicate it multiple times.

As I talked about in my last article, YouTube makes up about about 50% of all video searches. Well that results in 50% to other video posting sites. A few examples are Google video tutorials, MySpace videos, etc. Actually there is a huge list of sites and new training video hosting sites pop-up each and every day.

What Internet marketers do would be to post their videos to numerous of these video sharing sites. The reason is to get just as much exposure or Internet property as possible for every video. So let’s say that Google for some unknown reason will not rank your YouTube video. If you have exactly the same video posted on MySpace video tutorials you have another possiblity to get ranked. Again, the extra times the video is posted on different expert services, the better chance you have to be ranked.

It takes about 15 to 20 minutes to generate an account at any video sharing web-site. Then another 5 to ten minutes to upload a video back. Not a bad usage of your time right? Problem. You can find about 39 video sharing websites that Google likes. So, once you have created your accounts at the 39 sites, how long does it try upload your video to 39 different sites? Yep, 39 web sites times ten minutes equals 390 minutes or 6.5 hours.

6.5 hours is a problem. Vdeo sales marketing just became a full time job. You can find two methods to solve this. Hire somebody to post videos for you personally or automate. My opinion, you must automate the video posting procedure so that you could get indexed by Google and Explode your exposure on the Internet.

To accomplish this you really need to have 2 of our top secret weapons that make this whole task really straightforward. Each video takes 15 minutes and it works like Magic!